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We at shitcoinlovers are hustling to find all the best crypto merchandise that’s available on the internet and bring it right to you with awesome discounts. We would like to introduce ourselves to you and tell you a where our products come from and give you a few insights to our business.

Who we are

We, that’s mainly me Jo. I am the person behind shitcoinlovers and get a little motivational support from my office-dog Ben, who will definitely need a Bitcoin Collar soon. See how interesting he’s in Merchandise of his favorite cryptos.

If you buy at the Shitcoinlovers, you not only do a good by pushing massadoption forward, you’re also helping Ben and Me staying here through the entire bearmarket. We love Crypto as much as you do and already burnt our weakhands many times, despites that we’re still here and going to help you with all the neccessary supply of blockchain merchandise to keep you motivated in this current market.

What we do

We do design, production (through third party suppliers) as well as dropshipping you merchandise from bigger suppliers right to your doorstep. Most products, for example our crypto underwear section are unique and exclusive available at . Just a few of our products can be found somewhere else on the internet if you do invest your valuable time to search for them 😉. As we know most of our cryptofriends are busy trading as well as crying in this current times we did the needful for you and packed the most funny, stylish and curious Bitcoin- and crypto merch for you.

We are also open to help smaller or bigger blockchain projects or meme coins to do bulk production of their merchandise for fair discounted prices or do the design for some good projects that are run fully decentralized and got no capacity for that. Just contact us anytime, we’re here to help the cryptofam.

Why we do it

First of all, for the fun! I am a member of a small and pretty nice connected telegram group of German crypto freaks. As we send each other holiday pics I thought it would be funny to aim like the “Buy Bitcoin Guy” on the IMF Conference. So, I just draw “Buy Bitcoin” on a piece of Paper and posted in front of the pyramids in Gizeh, Egypt.

After a few minutes the security catched me and I needed to talk my ass out to not be thrown out of the areal with my whole tourist group. After 15min I convinced one of the guards to at least read a bit more about Crypto in his break (hopefully he’s into it now, didn’t took his contact). Afterwards I watched the photo and as you see above it was absolute shit, you can’t read anything.

Anyhow I had my next trip already booked to an awesome and somehow scary place so I designed my first Buy Bitcoin shirt in a bit modern style and travelled again. This time it worked so well, I discovered the dream I want to bring out more merchandise to the world! We want to see Bitcoin and all other crypto logos on every awesome place of the world (send me your merch-travel pics for nice discounts!)

Why you should trust us

I am just a crypto guy like you. Here since end of ’16 and trying to survive the Bear market this season to travel with you to moon soon.

As we want our customers to be as happy as they could we invented our unique 3 Point Happiness Guarantee:


  1. FREE Shipping Worldwide. NO Surprises or Hidden Fees
  2. Safe payments via Stripe®, PayPal® or Coinbase Commerce
  3. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee [Refund Policy]

So what are YOU waiting for now? Do your part to massadoption and share photos with Bitcoin merchandise at stunning places!

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