What Q1 2019 Brings for Crypto

Despite the overall bearish crypto market, there are many exciting developments to look forward to in the crypto market in Q1 2019. These are all signs of market activity and actively developed projects. All of these projects are aimed at helping real world adoption and greater crypto use cases.

#1 Fidelity Launching its Crypto Business in March

Fidelity is one of the world’s biggest finance companies, managing approx. $2.6 trillion worth of assets. According to Tom Jessop, Fidelity Investment’s Head of Corporate Business Development and Digital assets, there’s a high demand from institutional investors to get involved with cryptocurrencies. In the words of Jessop, there’s “an extremely high percentage [of institutional investors] interested in the space”. To meet this demand, it’s reported that Fidelity will launch it’s crypto custody business in March. This gives institutional investors easy access to getting started in crypto investing.

#2 Samsung’s New Phone Featuring Crypto Wallet

Samsung’s new phone, the Galaxy S10, will be able to support cryptocurrencies. At an unveiling event on 20th February, the phone will be revealed and it’s said the cryptocurrency wallet will be a feature. This would provide easy to use access for smartphone users to get started with cryptos.

#3 The Launch of Bakkt

Bakkt aims to be a digital marketplace for cryptocurrencies which will ultimately move $280 billion in assets. Bakkt aims to achieve this through meeting many of the needs not currently met by other exchanges and companies. This includes proper storage of coins and a great marketplace. Many are excited about the launch of Bakkt in Q1 2019 because it’s a clear gateway for institutional investors. As Bakkt is founded by the same founders of the New York Stock Exchange. Providing Bitcoin to fiat conversions is also a major bonus for this new platform.  


In conclusion, this year has a lot in store for crypto. To get the best merch for your year in cryptocurrencies, be sure to buy all your merch here