You want to push mass adoption forward? Here’s how!

Crypto merchandise for mass adoption!

We all want mass adoption and institutional money flowing into crypto currencies and all the crypto markets. But how will you take and manage your own part in moving this forward? How will you grow all the Blockchain sphere? How do you secure enough new buyers for the market? Only that way you will come closer to your new lambo!

If “When moon?” is the first question you ask yourself in the morning. You need to listen carefully now:

If you ain’t doing anything for it yet, except coffee and watching charts. And if you, even in a bear market, decide to watch the charts at least 8 hours a day. Then, … you can simply keep on worshipping all of your shitcoins with your time a few buy orders for sure. But one shocking news comes through cointelegraph or cryptotwitter and your entire day is “rekt” and the markets showing only red again. At this point you could again worry all day or doing embryonal in your bed while… or you could exactly do one thing! Go out and enjoy life. Better than any Bitmex chart for your heart and mental health. Disclaimer: This is a healthy advice!

If you don’t want to join the cryptotwitter run club directly, there is one thing that’s even better. To stay with crypto in nature, pick your favourite shitcoin logo and get it printed on a shirt! At least a small percentage of the people watching your shirt will either ask you or wonder about the logo in their mind. First thing at home, they will research, and voila you got them! They are one step closer into crypto and you’re one step closer to grow your portfolio. And you even did something good for your health while getting a clear head for trading once again.

If you like, try out our Ethereum’s shirt to show the love to Lord Vitalik Buterin the overlord of Ethereum. Or pick some funny prints about mining to show all the girls out there you got working capital at home and make them work too. Also, we have some prints for our Bitcoin maximalists out there. Furthermore, your new crypto addicted girl could have a look at the countless jewellery we are selling. And if you made it to your lambo, what’s better than a Bitcoin Keychain?

Do something good and care about mass adoption, get your Bitcoin t shirt or any alt shirt and go out to convince some nocoiners.

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